NCP - Fast Patch 50lb. Bag-Single Component, High Compressive Strength, Self-Bonding, Cement Based Patching Compound



DESCRIPTION FAST PATCH is a single component, high compressive strength, self-bonding, cement-based patching compound that sets up rapidly, with a 10-minute working time. Due to its relatively fine aggregate (sand), it may be feathered to nearly zero. FAST PATCH may be overlaid or put in service the same day the patch is applied; there is no lengthy cure time required. FAST PATCH offers superior bonding power without additional bonding agents, ability to patch low spots, divots, and spalls in concrete floors. FAST PATCH is designed for heavy traffic repairs, as it has the resilience to patch commercial loading docks, parking lots, walkways, entryways and parking garages. BENEFITS
•Stronger Bond Strength than liquid polymer products
•High Compressive Strength
•Fast Setup and Cure Times

SURFACE PREP The surface must be free of dust, dirt, oil, grease, paints, glues, sealers, curing agents, efflorescence, chemical contaminants, rust, algae, mildew and other foreign matter that may serve as a bond breaker. Any concrete must be sufficiently cured to have sufficient hydration, approximately 7 - 14 days depending on temperatures and humidity. No system should be placed upon concrete that is flaking, spalling, or has hibernating spalling. Proper profile should follow the standard established by the International Concrete Repair Institute (ICRI) Technical Guideline no. 03732 for Concrete Surface Profile (CSP). Cracks may require treatment. MIXING / APPLICATION Commonly, full bags of FAST PATCH may not be required for many patches. Additionally, no more material should be mixed than can be placed in 10 minutes. While weighing dry bag mix with a scale is most accurate, what follows will work with volumetric measuring alone:
Small Batch (1 qt. dry / .95 liter dry)
1.Add 8 oz. or 1 cup (.24 liter) water for each 1 qt. dry (.95liter) FAST DRY CONCRETE PATCH MORTAR to an appropriatelysized vessel.
2.Begin adding dry mix to water while running mixer. Mix withan appropriately sized mixer (from a cordless drill with a “jiffy”style blade to a heavy-duty mixer or ½” (12.7 mm) 450 – 600rpm drill equipped with a cage mixing blade.)
3.Scrape side of pail with a margin trowel to ensure all dryproduct is incorporated into the wet mix.
4.Continue to mix for a minimum of 30 seconds after allingredients are combined to achieve a lump-free consistency.Additional water may be added up to a total of 9 oz (.27 liter)water to 1 qt. (.95 liter) dry mix.
Large Batch (Full Bag)
1.Add approximately 4 quarts (3.8 liters) water to a 5 gal.(18.9 liter) pail.2.Add 1 – color pack if tinting is desired. 3.Mix with a handheld concrete mixer, such as an Eibenstock model #EHR 20R or a ½” (12.7 mm) 450 – 600 rpm drill equipped with a cage mixing blade for a minimum of 15 seconds. 4.Slowly introduce FAST PATCH into the pail with mixer running.
5.Scrape side of pail with a margin trowel to ensure all dry product is incorporated into the wet mix.6.Continue to mix for a minimum of 1 minute after all ingredients are combined to achieve a lump-free consistency. Additional water may be added up to a total of 4 ½ quarts (4.3 liters) water to 1 – 50 pound (22.7 kg) bag of FAST PATCH.7.No tempering with additional water should be attempted.
Patching Application
1.Trowel by hand or squeegee product tightly into patchedarea, as quickly as is reasonable. Minimize troweling, do notoverwork surface.
2.Allow product to dry sufficiently before placement of anyoverlay, usually 1-2 hours (depending on surface porosity,temperature, and amount of material used).
3.Before applying an overlay, be certain that the patchedsurface is no longer generating excessive heat from its curing.If applying a coating or sealer, 24 hours is recommended.
CLEAN-UP Before FAST PATCH dries, spills and tools can be cleaned up with water. TESTING DATA DENSITY 128 pounds/ft3 (2047 kg/m3) COMPRESSIVE STRENGTH – ASTM C-109
3 hour 3090 PSI (21340 kPa)
24 hour 4850 PSI (33440 kPa)
28 day 6042 PSI (41660 kPa)
6 hour 300 PSI (2068 kPa)
7 day 685 PSI (4723 kPa)
6 hour 275 PSI (1896 kPa)
7 day 495 PSI (3413 kPa)

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