7" Honeycomb Premium Dry Polishing Pad- 200 Grit, 400 Grit, 800 Grit-Stone Polish Pad



  • These dry pads will leave your stone polished, your customers happy, and they are perfect for installation
  • The pads use a high concentration of quality diamonds combined with years of production make this pad an obvious choice for all fabricators and installers
  • These dry flexible pads are designed for polishing granite or marble without water
  • These dry flexible pads are great for on the job touch-up and polishing when a wet application is just not possible.
  • There are many attributes that make up a quality diamond polishing pads. The first thing that makes for great granite polishing pads is the type of the diamonds used.
  • The diamonds have to be a high grade. It makes sense; high quality diamond polishing pads use high quality diamonds. The grade of the diamonds is not the only thing needed to make a superior diamond pad.
  • The size of the diamonds used, the bond, the hook and loop, the pad design, and the resin used are just some of the main details. 
  • These dry polishing pads perform all the tasks while leaving an amazing polish on the stone. The lower grit polishing pads or diamond grit sanding pads such as the 50, 100, 200 grits are more aggressive.
  • The lower grit diamonds pads are used to lightly grind down the granite or stone. Each grit-polishing pad of the set is progressively less aggressive than the pad before.
  • Each grit progression removes the scratches left from the diamond pad used prior.

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