Elasti Deck Accelerator 16oz- Quickens Cure Time, Uniform Cure, Prevents Out Gassing



EZ Accelerator is a uniquely formulated liquid additive that
will accelerate cure times when added to EZ moisture-cured
polyurethane Elasti-deck products. It promotes uniform cures
at temperatures as low as 35°F | 1.7°C and prevents excessive
out gassing and surface frothing in high humidity conditions.
Using the EZ Accelerator provides the applicator with a
proven method to enhance the speed of cure in adverse
application conditions.

EZ Accelerator is a single-component, liquid-applied,
moisture-cured polyurethane coating additive designed to
provide a rapid cure with a slight upgrading of physical
properties when added to EZ moisture-cured deck urethanes.

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