Elasti-Seal-Moisture Cured Single Component Fast Drying Waterproofing Coating-High Resilience To Expansion



Elasti-Deck is a single-component, moisture cured, and liquid-applied flexible membrane that is a fast drying waterproofing coating that is used for resurfacing damaged concrete and wood. This low-odor membrane features high resilience to expansion and contraction, providing the flexibility needed to accommodate various concrete stresses. It provides 100 percent contact with the substrate to eliminate migratory water problems and is designed for demanding exterior applications.


High strength, high elongation, high adhesion
Excellent penetration
Excellent waterproofing properties
Withstands extreme environmental conditions
Resilient to expansion and contraction of substrate
Designed for demanding exterior applications
Stress-relieving, crack-bridging membrane
Easy application, no mixing in curing agent.

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