FlexKrete 5 Gal-Repair Concrete, Keeps Flexibility-Quick Set Time



Flexkrete Five-Gallon Pail


  • 1 - FlexKrete102 five-gallon in steel pail
  • Includes  catalyst and a measuring bottle 
  • Yields app. 3 cu. ft./22-gals. of repair material
  • Requires sand and primer
  • Coverage 75 to 100 sq ft per gal, Container Style Pail Application Covers Approximately 1500 Square Feet
  • Creates High Gloss Finish
  • For Use With Clean Concrete, Steel, Wood, Color Clear


  •  Repair Concrete, Asphalt, Steel, Wood, Fiberglass, Marble, Build Ramps, Seamless Floors
  • Resurface Concrete, Repair Anchor Bolts, Vertical/Horizontal and Overhead Sites, Non-skid Surface, ADA, Bridge Repair, Drain Repair, Manhole Repair
  • Begins to harden in 10-20 minutes
  •  Full cure time 1 hour                                                                 



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