18'' Roller Cover With End Caps; 3/8" Nap; Dripless; Lintless-No Splatter-Heavy Duty Woven Paint Cover Roller



DRIPLESS-LINT FREE-- Top performing line of Professional Roller Covers. These are the industry's finest Lint Free covers. These covers are manufactured using the very best high density woven fabric coupled with a unique finishing process in order to produce the ultimate cover. These covers provide maximum pickup and release, while ensuring a flawless, lint free, and super smooth finish

  • High density woven fabric resists matting

  • Produces the smoothest, lint free finish

  • Virtually no splatter

  • For use with all paints, enamels, urethanes, epoxies, and marine coatings

  • Heavy Duty plastic core

  • Size: 18"

  • Nap Size: 3/8"

  • Material Type: WOVEN 

  • Surface Type: Smooth/Semi-Smooth

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